The new doctor's bag: telemedicine house calls

Apr 22, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

By using telemedicine technology, more and more providers are able to offer house calls.

Essential personnel you should involve in your telemedicine adoption

Mar 29, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

Be sure to work with all members of your practice to ensure a successful adoption of telemedicine.

4 cases that couldn't have happened without telemedicine

Mar 18, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

Here are a few instances where telemedicine has made a big difference.

Reasons Telemedicine Doesn't Require Tech-Savvy Doctors

Telemedicine technologies are easy to use and incredibly beneficial to your practice.

A lifetime of telemedicine

Feb 26, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

Olivia, a young girl who lives in a rural part of the country, is a healthier person thanks to clinical telemedicine.

How clinical telemedicine can help create new jobs

Feb 22, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

By bringing telemedicine to rural and remote areas of the country, not only are new jobs created, but opportunities to grow and expand are imported as well.

Why telemedicine is critical in rural populations for delivering value-based care

Feb 11, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

For rural hospitals, telemedicine technologies are an important tool in implementing value-based treatment policies.

3 surprising places doctors are using telemedicine to treat patients

Dec 11, 2015 / Telemedicine implementation /

By taking advantage of the mobility inherent to Web-based telemedicine technology, creative doctors have been able to ply their trade at a number of surprising locations.

Telemedicine eliminates the logistical nightmare of transporting correctional facility patients

Correctional healthcare can be particularly challenging, due to the tremendous security risks - and cost - involved with transporting patients to a clinic or bringing doctors in. Telemedicine eliminates the logistical nightmare of transporting inmates and costs less than face-to-face consults.

3 telemedicine mistakes to avoid when starting out

Jun 30, 2015 / Telemedicine implementation /

Here are a few pitfalls you'll want to keep in mind when planning your new telemedicine strategy.


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