The Kirkjubaejarklaustur clinic, part of Heilbrigdisstofnun Sudurlands (Health Suderlands HSU), is the first healthcare facility in Iceland to implement a clinical telemedicine program of its kind. Located in a small town (in the middle of nowhere), this rural community clinic is surprisingly busy during the tourist season (May-Sept) - they see up to 60 patients per day! The use of AGNES Interactive and the IMEDS Clinical Telemedicine System allows them to access dermatologists, cardiologists and other specialty providers in real-time to address their patient's immediate medical needs.

As telemedicine may not be the best care plan for all specialties, being able to have instant access to specialized help is especially essential for stroke victims. "After suffering a stroke, about two million brain cells die every minute that someone goes without treatment",  says Dr. Mackey from Indiana University Health Stroke Telemedicine Program.  With telemedicine, specialists like Dr. Mackey can now provide instant feedback to multiple patients.

SSM Healthcare in Oklahoma and St. Anthony Hospital expand their patient care to rural communities through the use of telemedicine technology.  One such example is their tele-dermatology program which allows them to support primary care physicians by co-managing patient care and provide specialist advice for treatment plans. Renee Grau, the Medical Director at Saints Dermatology Center for Excellence comments that dermatology is one of the best applications for telemedicine, adding " photography has become the stethoscope of the dermatologist...".

PROYECTO TELESALUD para Bolivia: a country-wide deployment to 339 remote health centers in Bolivia municipalities to support government initiatives to improve rural population access to healthcare. The scope of the project includes telemedicine program design, telemedicine carts, medical devices, encounter management software and technical training. The medical specialties serviced with the telemedicine equipment include primary care and women’s health.

In order to design and implement the project, the Ministry of Health teamed up with three cross-sector partners – International Telecommunication and Technology Integration S.A. (ITTI), a private Bolivian corporation, and Entel S.A., a public telecommunication company, owned by the State and AMD Global Telemedicine.

Watch this video to see how AMD's devices and telemedicine solutions are part of Mayo Clinic's telemedicine offerings.

Sidney Health Center uses AMD ‘s medical devices to deliver patient medical images and clinical data to remote specialists or healthcare providers. The telemedicine equipment was provided by Billings Clinic through a USDA grant to extend specialty medical services such as dermatology, allergy care, and ear, nose and throat care.

Livecare works together with Nelson's health co-op program to implement AMD Global Telemedicine technology which has helped local patients receive care from 20 remote specialists.

During a telemedicine consultation the remote doctor sees two video feeds: a live video of the technician and patient, and a live video of high-resolution medical images.

This special collaboration between Blue Shield and Adventist Health uses AMD IMEDS-II telemedicine system and technology to provide high-speed access to specialist care and services for Blue Shield members who live in remote and urban areas. Blue Shield individual and family plan customers, including those who purchased coverage through Covered California, can seek specialty care in their areas through the Telehealth network.

Kaiser members and Walmart employees can walk in, no appointment necessary, and have minor ailments assessed by a health care provider in a private room. Using AMD's General Examination Camera, ENT Otoscope and Telephonic Stethoscope, a registered nurse does the initial screening, followed by an urgent care doctor in a remote location.


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