The Avera Health Network uses AMD's diagnostic devices and technology tools, paired with high-definition video conferencing, to provide a variety of telemedicine services to remote clinical locations, including specialist consultations, remote monitoring of intensive care unit (ICU) patients, pharmaceutical support, and more.

AMD's Telemedicine Equipment Allows for Patient Care in Remote Areas in Costa Rica Doña María had several months with an anemia that she could not manage to overcome. Only a specialist could find what was wrong, and thanks to the technology she didn't have to wait long. Dona Maria is one of the 10,000 patients a year who consult via telemedicine. Telemedicine technology came to Costa Rica 15 years ago, but only recently has the equipment been of such high quality and definition that is allows a more efficient and accurate diagnosis.

Communities in rural Canada have long struggled to retain family physicians. Attracting specialist physicians to these areas has been even harder. But in the past year, this troubling trend has begun to change for the better in rural British Columbia with the help of a new telemedicine company, Livecare, and the latest telemedicine technology from AMD Global Telemedicine.

You can find additional informaiton in The Vancouver Sun article:

AMD and Cisco technology collaboration enables the Jordan Healthcare Initiative to extend the reach of its medical providers, increasing patient access to quality healthcare and improving communication and follow-up

The University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic delivers immediate access to remote specialists for pediatric patients. Their patient compliance rate to follow-up appointments went from 30 to 90 percent within the first year of their telemedicine program.

California telemedicine pilot program, very well received. More than 95% responded that there were "completely satisfied."

AMD's medical devices are part of AT&T's Telepresence Clinic Solution.

AMD's product are part of Cisco's HealthPresence.

The Paul Chester Children's Hope Foundation provides vital assistance to improve the lives and well being of families in developing countries. Their medical outreach programs bring critical health resources and treatments to remote communities, harnessing the expertise of their volunteer medical professionals.  AMD's portable telemedicine case is used during this medical mission in Kenya.



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