12-Lead Digital ECG II


"Touch of a Button" ECG Analysis

The 12-Lead Digital ECG II is an easy-to-use ECG acquisition device that allows you to administer ECG testing at the touch of a button. When used with interpretive software (ie IQManager®), you can capture an abnormal ECG as it appears on the screen, enhance the diagnosis with tools like zoom and electronic calipers, quickly edit statements and perform serial comparison with overlay of up to 4 ECG tests.

Product Features when used with Interpretive Software (ie IQManager®):

  • Easily acquires and stores up to 10 seconds of 12-Lead ECGs with auto-interpretation and measurements.
  • Monitors patient's ECG data in real-time and in selectable formats.
  • Compares up to 4 ECG tests at one time with serial comparisons.
  • Interprets and analyzes algorithm data for neonate, pediatric and adult patients using the 12-lead Resting Electrocardiogram Analysis Program.
  • Pre-populates patient information directly from EHR/EMR software, saving time and reducing data entry errors.
  • Detects possible arm lead reversal during the test so the technician can take appropriate action while the patient is still connected.
  • Stores binary ECG waveforms and displays them in digital data instead of static images, resulting in smaller file sizes and more accurate viewing of measurements.
  • ECG results can be reviewed and edited on-screen with free text or customizable quick edit statements.
  • Open-architecture software design allows compatibility with most EMR systems.

Integrates with AGNES InteractiveTM, to simultaneously capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images, and participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician.

View Product Datasheet for Technical Specifications (PDF)

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