Telemedicine Encounter Management Software

Delivering 100% Real-Time Patient Assessment, Medical Imaging & 2-Way Communication from Any Remote Location

The critical point of any telemedicine encounter is the accurate delivery of patient information from one location to another. So much can get "lost in translation" between the clinical exam site and the remote physician due to the variety of technologies and devices typically used in these applications - but not with AGNES Interactive® and Telehealth Consult telemedicine software!

AGNES Interactive® is web-based telemedicine software that enables remote clinical healthcare providers to capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images in real-time, and participate in a live video conference - all in a single web-based workspace.

Telehealth Consult is a web-based patient record system designed specifically for the needs of both live and deferred telemedicine consultations. This software allows you to create a patient case, collaborate with consulting physicians on the information gathered from the patient encounter, and then manage the workflow of the assigned cases.

Telemedicne Encounter Management Software

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