Digital Holter
Monitoring System I


The Digital Holter Monitoring System I is a compact digital recorder used to capture infrequent or activity-provoked ECG rhythm abnormalities. This portable device makes it easy to monitor a patient's ECG morphologies and obtain recordings in minutes, enabling remote physicians to highlight key areas for further analysis.

Product Features

  • Portable compact design makes it easy for patient to wear.
  • Automatic pacemaker detection eliminates setting changes between patients.
  • View a live preview display of the ECG for lead quality verification.
  • 7-lead hookup for 2 or 3-channel recording.
  • Automatic pacer detection.
  • 24-48 hours of continuous recording time.
  • Wireless transfer of patient's ECG in real time to verify electrode quality and placement.
  • Preview the ECG on the recorder display for remote initialization.
  • Includes easy-to-use Office or Expert Holter Software which allows remote healthcare provider to transfer recordings in minutes for immediate results and routine patient monitoring.

View Product Datasheet for Technical Specifications (PDF)

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