Telemedicine technologies: Real-time versus store and forward

Jul 30, 2015 / Telemedicine technology /

There are many different techniques that can be used to capture and share medical images and data gathered during a clinical telemedicine exam. The word "share" can easily misinform people.

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What you should know about telemedicine and data security

Jul 21, 2015 / Telemedicine technology /

The regulations placed on practitioners by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act drive home the need for telemedicine technology that is as secure as it is effective.

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I want to "do telemedicine": What is involved and how much does it cost?

Jul 9, 2015 / Planning for telemedicine /

"I want to do telemedicine" is a very common and broad statement. Here is an outline of some of the basic elements involved and associated costs.

Increasing state reimbursement makes telemedicine even easier

Jul 6, 2015 / Telemedicine in the news /

Fortunately, as telemedicine establishes itself as an integral part of mainstream healthcare in the 21st century, more states appear to be jumping aboard with their reimbursement offerings, which may help to further expand these practices and services.

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What is the role of telemedicine in long-term care facilities?

The unique advantages telemedicine technology offers can be of particular use to the type of care needed by assisted living facility residents and patients in similar long-term clinics.

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