Telemedicine in the Workplace: Reducing healthcare costs and employee downtime

Jul 26, 2018 / Providers' Remote Care /
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On-site clinics have been benefiting large companies for years, offering medical services by licensed providers in a convenient and safe setting. While normally only considered for campuses of 3,000 employees or more, on-site clinics like The Working Clinic are now available to workplaces with as few as 200 members. Incorporating telemedicine into the workplace care delivery model has allowed small, self-insured companies to take advantage of convenient healthcare services for their employers. More importantly, these offerings have proven benefits such as reduced healthcare costs and employee downtime, for those that need to seek medical treatment.

Let AMD Telemedicine lead the way

Insurance brokers and self-insured small companies can benefit from The Working Clinic, a new on-site clinic solution created by AMD Global Telemedicine. This unique delivery model offers high-touch and high-tech health care with no upfront out-of-pocket costs for employers. So why choose The Working Clinic?

  • Quality care: Each clinic is staffed with an on-site medic and immediate access to board certified physicians. Proven telemedicine technology allows the on-site medic to connect with the remote physician in order to provide quality care to your employees in a fast and efficient way.
  • Strong company-physician bonds: The on-site medical professionals will form strong bonds with your employees, allowing a trusted relationship that makes everyone comfortable in their work setting.
  • Better access to care options: Employees don't have to worry about making arrangements to go out and receive care, rather they have a convenient option for on-site occupational medicine services.
  • Health care cost control: Businesses can enjoy simple implementation that comes with no start-up costs, no required build-out and simple contracting. Additionally, employers will pay an affordable flat PMPM fees only with no claims to the plan.
  • A more productive workforce: When workers have immediate access to care, employers will find that they take fewer sick and PTO days, meaning less time is spent out of office. Additionally, employees will have better overall health and fitness when they take advantages of the wellness services.

Businessman using iPadOffering your employees on-site clinic services can save your bottom line.

Creating your on-site clinic

Once you're ready to work with AMD Telemedicine and utilize The Working Clinic services, our team will come in and create a small-footprint clinic at your location, cost-free. The team will equip your clinic with a registered medic who is trained in wellness and nutrition, as well as access to doctors who can diagnose and prescribe medication via telemedicine. You'll also benefit from 3-day or 4-day per week services, bi-lingual staffing options and the ability to provide employees and their dependents services.

By utilizing The Working Clinic, you can offer your employees a unique and efficient way to receive care on site. For more information on implementing telehealth solutions into your facility, contact AMD Global Telemedicine today.

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