Finding the right telemedicine cart is like choosing the right car to drive

Dec 22, 2015 / Planning for telemedicine /

Understanding the telemedicine cart doesn't have to be complicated. There are many tools that telemedicine professionals have at their disposal, but at the heart of the operation is the telemedicine cart.

Choose wisely: What you should consider when picking a telemedicine partner

Sep 10, 2015 / Planning for telemedicine /

New investments always carry an element of risk.

Telemedicine versus telehealth: What's the difference, anyway?

Aug 24, 2015 / Planning for telemedicine /

Similarities aside, conflating telehealth and telemedicine is a recipe for confusion down the road.

I want to "do telemedicine": What is involved and how much does it cost?

Jul 9, 2015 / Planning for telemedicine /

"I want to do telemedicine" is a very common and broad statement. Here is an outline of some of the basic elements involved and associated costs.

How to prepare your IT department for telemedicine

Jun 10, 2015 / Planning for telemedicine /

Here are a few things to make sure you cover with your IT department before you go live with your telemedicine solutions.


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