Integration of telemedicine visit data with an EMR

Telemedicine systems need to work alongside with EMR software to ensure effective treatment and continuity.

What the popularity of Pokemon Go means for healthcare

Aug 23, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

What can Pokemon Go teach healthcare professionals about the use of telemedicine and digital healthcare technologies?

5 ways telemedicine can help patients live to 100

Telemedicine is a powerful tool for treating older patients and can promote better health outcomes.

What is the right application for clinical telemedicine?

The true value of telemedicine is in providing care that might not otherwise be given.

Wall mount units: The next leap in telemedicine workstations

Wall mount systems are indicative of a change for the telemedicine industry.

The Evolution of Telemedicine: A Conversation with Steve Normandin

Jun 28, 2016 / The telemedicine advantage /

Steve Normandin interview on the future of telemedicine.

Bringing healthcare around the world using telemedicine

AMD Global Telemedicine brings telemedicine technology to remote communities and regions around the world.

Work with IT staff to make telemedicine adoption smooth and successful

May 31, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

Your IT department is a critical tool in the telemedicine adoption process.

Mobile Clinic delivers pediatric care to medical provider shortage areas with telemedicine

The University of Miami Mobile Clinic has revolutionized healthcare in Southern Florida. By using telemedicine technology, the most under-served communities in the Miami area can now receive on-going treatment.

The new doctor's bag: telemedicine house calls

Apr 22, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

By using telemedicine technology, more and more providers are able to offer house calls.


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