How telemedicine is impacting skilled nursing facilities

Oct 3, 2018 / Telemedicine success /

Professionals in skilled nursing facilities need to consider how beneficial the implementation and utilization of telehealth solutions could be.

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How health care practitioners are bringing telehealth into the home

Bringing telehealth into the home is saving healthcare organizations and patients both time and money.

How telemedicine can benefit patients during the cold winter months

Dec 8, 2017 / Telemedicine success /

Thankfully, there’s a way for patients to receive the care they need without taking a risk and heading too far from home during heavy snowfall and icy road conditions. That's telemedicine.

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Transforming health care throughout rural communities: School-Based Telemedicine

Jun 6, 2017 / Telemedicine success /
How AMD Global Telemedicine helped the Indiana Rural School Clinics Network guide rural communities to efficient quality health care.

How AMD Global Telemedicine helped the Indiana Rural Health Association guide rural communities to efficient quality health care through school-based health clinics.

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How telemedicine is revolutionizing pediatric care in rural communities

Feb 13, 2017 / Telemedicine success /

Pediatric care is being revolutionized through the use of telemedicine technology - here's how.

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Your second look at telemedicine - Part II: Expectations for EMR Integration

In Part II of our series "Your Second Look at Telemedicine," we explore the importance of EMR integration to improve efficiency for telemedicine.

The AMD 2016 year in review

Dec 27, 2016 / Telemedicine success /

2016 was an exciting year for us here at AMD!

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There is always something to be thankful for with telemedicine

Nov 22, 2016 / Telemedicine success /

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to appreciate how telemedicine is helping people around the world.

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Telemedicine: all treats no tricks

Oct 24, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

The adoption of telemedicine is an exciting tool and wonderful treat for physicians and patients.

How to successfully optimize your telemedicine program

Oct 17, 2016 / Telemedicine implementation /

Follow this guide to ensure your telemedicine adoption is successful and efficient. 


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