“AMD's telemedicine technology combined with US Telehealth services allow the Department to have up to 15 patients be seen by a specialized physician in only a four hour block of time,” commented Dr. Raman Singh, Medical and Mental Health Director at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. “The telemedicine technology improves access to care by providing the opportunity to have a meaningful patient encounter. All the medical images and assessment data is right there in one place and can be easily viewed by both parties. This solution is good for public safety and reduces costs by allowing some of the needed medical care to be delivered without the need to transport the patients outside of our facilities,” added Dr. Singh. For additional details about the telemedicine program at the Louisiana Department of Corrections, visit http://theadvocate.com/news/7691156-123/state-expands-use-of-telemedicine

Stephond Robinson, Director of Telemedicine Administrative Operations, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Telehealth speaks about the benefits of their Telehealth program. AMD Global Telemedicine worked closely with Stephond to tailor the telemedicine equipment (hardware, software and medical devices) to their specific clinical requirements.

Jeremy Young MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago has made great progress with their telemedicine program for correctional facilities. AMD Global Telemedicine equipment and AGNES technology provided them with the tools to perform the clinical assessments on HIV patients. See the artilce written by Healio Infection Disease News for more information on Jeremy Young's view and other experts on telemedicine

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