The service uses technology that allows the GP to measure patients’ vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure. The doctor can also record images of the area of complaint, such as the throat, middle ear, skin and eyes, and listen to heart and lung sounds.

An article post written by Laurence Chu, MD, FACS in Forbes magazine highlights the use of telemedicine by a family physician who has made a dramatic change in how he delivers care to his patients. Using AGNES Interactive and connected medical devices from AMD, this physician is able to provide after hours care and immediate attention to a patient, from his home.

Featured here is AMD's Exam Camera. The days of always having to drive for hours to see medical specialists in Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto and other locations are becoming fewer as a result of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). Deborah Baird, pictured above is a registered nurse that operates the telemedicine equipment at the Elliot Lake Family Health Team (FHT).

The general practitioners of Kihnu and Vormsi Islands have set up telemedicine facilities utilizing AMD Global Telemedicine's Encounter Management Solutions, which will support the work of the family health center and provide the residents of the islands with a greater sense of security.

Play this video to see AMD's Portable TeleClinic System in use.

Students visiting the West Pender Middle School location are greeted by a nurse who performs their exam. Video cameras then allow the nurse practitioner to then see a live feed of the patient and what the nurse on site is examining. Cameras can provide an up close and clear look at the patient's ears, eyes, throat or any rashes.

The Paul Chester Children's Hope Foundation provides vital assistance to improve the lives and well being of families in developing countries. Their medical outreach programs bring critical health resources and treatments to remote communities, harnessing the expertise of their volunteer medical professionals.  AMD's portable telemedicine case is used during this medical mission in Kenya.


The AMD Portable Teleclinic is used by Mediserve, an Ireland-based healthcare company, to cut out-of-hours doctors' response times by two-thirds. AMD's technology is used by paramedics who are dispatched to patients' homes for clinical house calls. The Portable TeleClinic allows them to do a patient assessment and communicate the data back to a remote general practitioner.

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