To combat the troubling trend of community hospitals closing and rural patient's access to specialist care diminishing, Baystate Health in western Massachusetts, saw the opportunity to leverage telemedicine technology to deliver better patient care to their more remote patient communities.

Telemedicine, powered by equipment such as AMD Global's exam cameras, enables St. Joseph Health of California to treat undeserved patients.

St. Luke's in Dulth, MN is helping their patients by offering virtual clinics. Using AMD's electronic stethoscope, Exam Camera and AGNES Interactive telemedicine platform, St. Luke's is pleased with the results. "The technologies we have available for a telemedicine visit is incredible. It really allows us as providers to see and hear just as well as we would during an in person visit." - Jacquelyn Messer, FNP, St. Luke's.

Watch the video to see how AMD's telemedicine devices are an integral part of Reserma's Hospital Virtual de Panama.

The AMD-2500 General Exam Camera is an integral part of this kidney transplant telemedicine program.

AMD's solutions are part of AT&T's Teleprensence Solution ® being implemented at seven wellness station at St. Joseph Health System. The wellness stations will include a fully managed AT&T Telepresence Solution comprised of components including Cisco HealthPresence®, connectivity to the AT&T Business Exchange and AMD Global Telemedicine medical peripherals.

The general examination camera is used to aid in patient exams to capture close ups of body surfaces and inside the throat..


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