Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) proves children with access to school-based telehealth were 21% less likely to visit the ED for their asthma than those without such access. School nurses use the telehealth technology to connect sick children with expert providers at remote locations.

Alexandria Community Schools, in partnership with Jane Pauley and Managed Health Services, celebrated the opening of the TeleHealth Clinic at Alexandria Monroe Elementary School.

Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City uses telemedicine to link their main hospital to their satellite hospitals and general offices nearby. Learn the effect broadband infrastructure has on effectuating change in access to healthcare.

Having telemedicine equipment in an education setting, truly prepares our healthcare professionals of the future, for what they need to know.  It gives them "real-word" experience because they don't just learn about the technology, but they get to touch it and use it. Students at  Decker School of Nursing practice doing clinical assessments using the telemedicine technology, and connecting to a remote site. 

In East Tennessee, Sevier County schools is changing the way flu patients are seen by a doctor.  With the use of telemedicine equipment, a school nurse or clinician at Sevier county school can easily connect to a physician at Cherokee Health and share medical images from the diagnostic tools they have at patient side. During peak flu season, this is key to preventing conditions from worsening and illness spreading about the students.

At Sevier Countty Schools, many students take advantage of the telemedicine option with Cherokee Health Systems, which has been available for nine years. With telemedicine, students can visit their school nurse and simultaneously be "seen" by a nurse practitioner who prescribes medication as needed.

Telemedicine is a game changer students at the Southwest Jefferson County School district.  A new telehealth initiative by the Indiana Rural Health Association is giving students access to medical care, who might not otherwise be seen by a physician.  This clinics makes it easy for students to get diagnosed and treated for things like the flu, lice, rashes or strep throat.

Crothersville Community Schools, the Scott County School District and Southwestern Jefferson County Schools Consolidated are the first southern Indiana school districts offering sick students a digital doctors visit. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Indiana Rural Health Association and the schools, student will soon have access to better healthcare - and they won't have to go farther than the school nurse's office. Read more about it the Madison Courier article at

Sevier County schools in Tennessee have partnered with Cherokee Health Systems to use telemedicine technology to bring high-quality care to 14,000 students.  One of the major challenges telemedicine has addressed is mitigating consistent problems with communicable illnesses from spreading across the school-county and causing school closures.  In the last 5 school years, there have been no school closings due to seasonal flu in Sevier County, a testament to how helpful telemedicine technology can be.

A collaborative partnership between Managed Health Services, Indiana Rural Health Association, Elwood Community School Corporation, Aspire Indiana and St. Vincent Mercy allowed Elwood school district to open a telehealth clinic in their school nurse's office.Using telemedicine technologies such as AGNES Interactive and connected medical devices, the school nurse can connect to a remote provider over video conferencing, and show them a close up of the physical ailment that is bothering the child. Remote providers are then able to make a diagnosis and write a prescription for the student without the child having to leave school for an appointment.


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