About AMD Global Telemedicine

To this day, patients across the globe struggle to get the quality care they need due to standard barriers.


Patients all over the world will tell you how important the combination of convenience, flexibility and quality care is when it comes to healthcare. With telemedicine solutions, patients and physicians alike can benefit from utilizing a variety of tools and software to deliver and receive care in the most flexible way possible.


AMD Global Telemedicine’s mission is to embrace change, listen to customers and create telehealth solutions that empower healthcare organizations to deliver care through digital technology. AMD provide personalized telehealth solutions that connect patients with remote healthcare providers, regardless of location, circumstance, or time.

Who we are

We believe experience matters. As a pioneer of Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions®  and an industry leader in telehealth solutions, AMD Global Telemedicine has been providing quality healthcare solutions to our customers for over 26 years. Since 1991, we have focused on breaking the barriers that keep patients from connecting to healthcare providers, such as time and distance. Our digital technology tools and cutting-edge solutions connect over 10,000 patient end-points in more than 98 countries.


We take pride in helping to revolutionize the way remote patient assessment and care is performed. That's why we're committed to providing the assistance you need to grow a successful, tailor-made program based on the demand of your facility.

What we offer

Starting out strictly as a provider of specialty medical devices for unique telemedicine applications, AMD Global Telemedicine has proudly transformed to creating telehealth solutions that empower healthcare organizations to deliver care throughout the care continuum. That means we don't only administer telemedicine equipment; we at AMD Global Telemedicine also offer the encounter management software, integrated medical devices, and complete telemedicine systems, to assist in making the entire patient encounter a positive experience.


Some of the quality products and services we develop include: direct-to-consumer virtual care platforms, encounter management software, integrated medical devices, interactive patient assessment workspace, specialized medical devices and equipment, clinical carts and cases, telemedicine program design and turnkey installation and training.

Our commitment to you


We understand that every facility seeks something different. At AMD Global Telemedicine, our commitment to you means crafting a telemedicine solution specifically to your wants and needs, providing the ability to grow and enhance your program and address specific specialties while always delivering top quality healthcare to all of your patients.


As telemedicine continues to evolve and change the way healthcare is delivered across the world, AMD Global Telemedicine is dedicated to further expanding our telemedicine expertise and constantly creating new medical tools and applications.


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AMD Global Telemdicine is a Proud Partner of these Industry Organizations:


American Telemedicine Association


International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth

National Rural Health Association

School-Based Health Alliance