What's New at AMD

Every day our Program Design Managers and product development teams are looking ahead to see what new applications are emerging out there for telemedicine and which innovative technologies will make our existing solutions even more amazing. Here are some of our latest developments:

Telemedicine Workflow and Patient Encounter Software:

ExamFlow - The First of Its Kind to Manage Telemedicine Workflow

Optimize your patient workflow and actively manage your telemedicine resources with our new ExamFlow Software.

What if you could align all your resources to be ready for the next step in a patient's examination process? ExamFlow software allows you to visually manage and track patients so you can synchronize your telemedicine clinic workflow and procedures. > Learn More

AGNES Interactive Extends the Capabilities of Telemedicine Clinical Patient Exams

Deliver 100% live access to your exam site with real-time medical video, images, data and video conferencing - all in one web-based workspace. Integrate all the data from your patient assessment tools into one platform to make the communication between the clinician and remote physician seamless and the data transmission in real-time. > Learn More

New Clinical Telemedicine Systems that are Portable - Modular- Smaller:

Announcing Our NEW Portable TeleClinic

Portable TeleClinic is a self-contained telemedicine system ideal for remote applications such as disaster recover, mining fields, oil rigs, ambulatory services, and mobile clinics.

This "pack-and-go" system has the combined functionality of a desktop telemedicine solution and a mobile cart, and is completely transportable. Learn More

Feel the Maneuverability of Clinical Assist

Clinical Assist is a complete telemedicine system with a smaller footprint than AMD's other telemedicine systems making it effortless to transport from room to room in a hospital or clinic setting.

Modular design allows for the seamless addition of optional components and telemedicine medical devices. Learn More