Rapidly Deploy Telehealth Solutions for COVID-19


How Telehealth Can Help the COVID-19 Epidemic:

The Benefits healthcare organizations have already seen from using telemedicine to tackle the Coronavirus crisis include:

  • Protecting your medical providers so they can continue to deliver care.
  • Load balancing physician’s time and expertise to increase coverage area.
  • Diagnosing and treating the sick patients in place, and decreasing exposure to other patients.
  • Providing a way for seniors and other chronically ill patients to receive care for ongoing medical issues away from doctor's offices and eliminates the risk of contact with Coronavirus.

Remote Patient Assessments for Coronavirus Screening and Treatment

A key component of any telehealth or telemedicine platform that is used to face the Coronavirus, is enabling a provider/specialists to do patient consults remotely, with specialized medical devices for a full clinical assessment. More than just laying eyes on a patient through video conferencing; effective COVID-19 screening and treatment requires the ability for a provider to “drive” the medical consultation remotely.


Supporting You with Cost Effective and Scalable Technology Solutions:

  • Telemedicine encounter management software (asynchronous video visits and real-time clinical diagnostics)
  • Direct to consumer telehealth platform, providing you access to your patients remotely
  • Specialty medical devices (stethoscopes, temperature probes, spirometers, SpO2 monitors, Xray imaging, ECGs, ENT scopes, etc)
  • Readily available portable carts and kits.