Telehealth Solutions for COVID-19



Our telemedicine solutions are designed to be modular and scalable, so they can be quickly deployed and easily adapted to your specific clinical needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and grow with demand for services in the future.

How Telehealth Can Help the COVID-19 Epidemic:

The Benefits healthcare organizations have already seen from using telemedicine to tackle the Coronavirus crisis include:

  • Protecting your medical providers so they can continue to deliver care.
  • Load balancing physician’s time and expertise to increase coverage area.
  • Diagnosing and treating the sick patients in place, and decreasing exposure to other patients.

Reach patients in their homes & safeguard healthcare workers with our direct-to-consumer app

Connect N’ Care™ is a customizable telehealth app that allows healthcare providers to easily diagnose, treat and prescribe from the convenience of their mobile device or PC. Patients report their symptoms through our built-in evidence-based guidelines, then request a video conference with the provider for a more in-depth consult.

How it works:

Providers: download the app or access the browser-based portal online, then specify the type of visit they are available for (call back, video, scheduled appointments, waiting room).

Patients: download the app, sign in to create an account, and then report symptoms and either get a call back, enter the virtual waiting room or scheduled a visit.


Screen and treat coronavirus patients with our rapidly deployable telemedicine kits

Effective COVID-19 screening and treatment requires the ability for a provider to lead the medical consultation remotely and see the patient’s clinical diagnostics in real-time – something that’s not always possible solely through phone or video conferencing.

Systems equipped with our AGNES Connect® encounter management platform allow for virtual visits with simultaneous live-streaming of a patient’s vitals, lung sounds and medical images from connected medical devices. With telemedicine technology and specialty devices like the following, providers can make accurate and timely diagnoses: Interactive stethoscopes, vital signs monitors, and digital spirometers.