Telemedicine for Long Term Care

Telemedicine is quickly becoming a critical component to delivering quality patient care at long term care facilities. AMD's Clinical Assist series, is designed specifically for telemedicine applications such as Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), nursing homes and other long term care or continuing care retirement communities.

Telemedicine systems are being used to help long term care facilities reduce hospital readmissions and patient transports, increase access to specialty care, and provide alternative night coverage options.

The flexibility of the Clinical Assist series allows you to customize your telemedicine system to address specific clinical evaluation requirements. Tailored solutions can be something as simple as a "talking heads" cart with software-based video conferencing, to a "modular" cart loaded up with encounter management software, medical devices, and video conferencing.

AMD's Clinical Assist series can mix and match clinical evaluation tools and telemedicine platforms including:

  • AGNES Interactive
  • Stethoscope
  • Digital SpO2
  • Examination Camera
  • Digital Otoscope
  • Digital ECG
  • Vital Signs Monitor

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