AGNES Interactive®

A Collaborative Patient Assessment Tool for Clinical Telemedicine Exams

AGNES Interactive® is a web-based telemedicine software that enables remote clinical healthcare providers to capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images in real-time, and participate in a live video conference - all in a single web-based platform.

Watch this video animation to learn more about how AGNES Interactive works.

What Can AGNES Interactive Do for You?

  • Delivers 100% Live Access to a Patient from Any Remote Location
    Transmission of all medical data is done in REAL-TIME and does not rely on any content sharing applications.
  • Provides Complete Physician Mobility
    Remote users have secure web-based access to exam site.
  • Captures Quality Medical Data
    Integrates with over 40 Medical Devices. Look for the AGNES-Ready icon with each medical device product specification.
  • Eliminates Stethoscope Hardware at Receive Side
    Provides interface to connect a USB digital stethoscope to stream live heart/lung sounds to the remote physician. When used with Interactive Stethoscope, it also enables software based control for frequency ranges and volume.
  • Enables Live Video Conferencing
    Clinician and remote specialist can teleconference, using the included point-to-point video module or integrated VidyoWeb platform for multi-point calls.
  • Integrates with EMRs
    Save session information as a single universal HL7 configuration file for easier integration with your EMR. Univesal EMR filing system allows any EMR capable of importing PDF documents, to receive a compiled report detailing all data captured during patient assessment.
  • Streamlines Clinical Workflow with Third-Party Software Integration
    Command and control framework within AGNES Interactive API may be used to embed AGNES Interactive inside a third party software application.

How Does it Work?

AGNES Interactive is installed and operational in minutes - no back-end servers needed. Once installed, the web-based software aggregates clinical device diagnostics, vital signs data, encounter documents and live video conferencing and then securely exchanges that information in real-time to the remote consulting physician.

Unlimited Remote Users and No Recurring License Fees
There are no user fees, doctor fees or hosting fees associated with AGNES Interactive. Just a one time licensing fee per sending site and zero cost for unlimited receiving sites.

View Product Datasheet for Technical Specifications (PDF English)

Read the product peer-review study in the "What's True?" section of Clinician Reports.

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