Diagnostic Telemedicine Technologies

Encounter Management Software

The "personal experience" and usability is the most important element to telemedicine programs. With our telemedicine encounter management software®, you can experience 100 percent real-time exams using our telehealth platforms to have a live video consult as well as capture, stream, manage and share patient information and medical images. What separates our platforms apart is the ability to integrate with other health information technology systems (HL7, DICOM, HIT systems, etc), resulting in an improved clinical workflow for our users.

Integrated Medical Devices

Clear medical images and clinical data collected during the patient encounter are key elements to providing the best possible care via telemedicine. AMD Global Telemedicine provides various medical devices and equipment that can be integrated into our own telemedicine software as well as third-party platforms. Some of our specialized medical devices include examination cameras, medical scopes, stethoscopes, vital signs monitors, ECGs, retinal cameras, and ultrasound probes.

Telemedicine Systems

Our modular telemedicine carts and systems are designed to help you meet your specific requirements for form, fit, and function, based on your application. We recognize that every use case is unique in its own way and requires different levels of mobility and/or space limitations. Each telemedicine system is capable of providing the flexibility to integrate various hardware and software components into your final solution. Our telemedicine carts and systems include Patient Assessment Terminal, Clinical Assist, IMEDS II, Telemed ED, Portable TeleClinic, and Telehealth Kiosks.