Portable TeleClinicTM

Clinical Telemedicine in a Mobile Case

Portable TeleClinic is a self-contained telemedicine system that has the combined functionality of a desktop telemedicine solution and a mobile cart, and is designed for smaller spaces or to be transportable. The system comes complete with encounter management software and customized with medical devices for a clinical exam.

This "pack-and-go" system is perfect for healthcare applications that require clinical telemedicine equipment that they can carry into medical situations and/or set up in mobile clinics with limited space. Ideal applications include disaster response teams, emergency medical services, in-home clinical visits, oil rigs, mining fields and mobile health clinics.



  • Available in 2 size options: large and compact
  • Integrated tablet PC operating on Windows platform, includes webcam and speaker phone to enable two-way video conferencing between clinician and consulting specialist.
  • USB ports to easily connect, power and charge your medical devices.
  • Integrated battery and battery status indicator (larger case only). Battery lasts 4-8 hours, based on run-time while in use.
  • Padded storage area to safely store your medical devices and consumables.
  • Integrates with AGNES Connect, to simultaneously capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images, and participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician.

    Customize the Configurations to Your Clinical Evaluation Needs

Since a variety of customers require their own unique set of clinical equipment and technology, the Portable TeleClinic is designed to accommodate various encounter management technologies and devices*, such as:

  • AGNES®
  • Multipurpose Camera & Scope (ENT Otoscope, Dermascope, Ophthalmoscope)
  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • USB Ultrasound
  • 12 Lead Wireless ECG
  • Digital Spirometer
  • Portable Vital Signs Monitor
  • See a full list of AMD devices

View Product Datasheet for Technical Specifications (PDF English)

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