Telehealth Consult

Easily Manage Your Telemedicine Patient Encounter & Case Creation Workflow

Telehealth Consult is a web-based patient record system designed specifically for the needs of both live and deferred telemedicine consultations. This software allows you to create a patient case, collaborate with consulting physicians on the information gathered from the patient encounter, and then manage the workflow of the assigned cases. Currently available in English, Spanish and Danish.

Create a Patient Case:
  • import patient record into database or manually create a new patient record
  • automatically save all medical data captured during an AGNES session directly into the patient's record via HL7
  • custom forms manager allows you to upload or create completely customizable forms specific to your workflow, such as Patient Consent, Chief complaint, Primary Case Physician, etc
  • add comments and files specific to each patient's case

Collaborate with Consulting Physicians or Remote Site Users:
  • assign consulting physicians to specific resources
  • refer cases to another physician for a second opinion
  • secure email notification is sent when a patient case is referred to a physician
  • all remote users can view each patient's medical history with secure web-based access
  • minimal bandwidth needed so remote physicians can easily consult using laptop or any tablet
  • cases can be marked as "sensitive" so they can only be accessed by authorized personnel

Manage Workflow of Assigned Cases:
  • Generate reports that provide data on:
    • # of patient cases by site over any period of time
    • # of patient cases by individual doctor over any period of time
    • # of patient cases referred to cardiologists (or other specialist) over any period of time

Integrates with AGNES InteractiveTM, to simultaneously capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images, and participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician.

View Product Datasheet for Technical Specifications (PDF English)

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