OnDemand Visit®

A Virtual Pathway to Care

OnDemand Visit is all-in-one direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that enables the highest level of quality and cost effective healthcare for patients, regardless of where they are located. This enterprise-wide virtual care solution engages patients in a more convenient way than in-person office visits.

Healthcare Provders - increase patient satisfaction and expand patient base.

Self-Insured Employers - connect employees with doctors anytime, anywhere.


Product Features

  • Ad-hoc or scheduled consults
  • Patient-controlled digital health vault
  • Secure video or audio calls
  • Push notifications and active alerts
  • Insurance eligibility check
  • Geo-location based prescriptions
  • ICD 10 Coding
  • E-prescribing
  • Lab ordering
  • Express credit card payment process
  • Feedback and rating surveys
  • E-learning capabilities

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations and Providers

  • Cost-efficient acute care delivery model
  • Engage patients and get better patient outcomes
  • More convenient and accessible care
  • Reduce cancellation and no-show rates
  • Extended specialist and referring physician access
  • Expands patient base


Benefits for Self-Insured Employers

  • Improve employee health
  • Provide equity and access to care regardless of where patients are located.
  • Reduces absenteeism and increases employee productivity.
  • Manage Chronic conditions through instant access to reduce exacerbations and decrease hospital admissions.
  • Saves money, provides employees with better and lower cost healthcare coverage.

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