Benefits to EmployersOn-site medical care


Prevent rising health care costs by offering convenient access to quality on-site medical care.

Employees defer care due to the inconvenience and the expense. When they do, it hurts both the employee and employer. The employee risks their health, and the employer risks higher health care costs and decreased productivity at work. The Working ClinicTM provides employees with a convenient option for urgent care and preventative services, right from your facility. The working clinic provides a unique delivery model where there is no downtime or reason to leave work for an appointment.

Increase employee productivity and lower their individual healthcare benefits planning

Work-site clinics are a tool to contain the relentless growth in medical costs, but many employers also seek to boost employee productivity and enhance companies’ reputations as employers of choice. The Working ClinicTM is unique in its ability to deliver cost-effective options for smaller employers (200+) and more efficient options for larger employers (1,000+).

Improve benefits planning by understanding the overall health of your employees.

As part of every on-site patient visit, a process of health status review with a clinical summary is conducted and then placed within our electronic medical record system to provide a forward-facing view of your employees’ population health status. The process allows us to provide you with high-level, evidence-based information about special health risks that exist or may be emerging among your employees for better benefits planning.

Quarterly employer ROI reports provided.


  • Utilization & Engagement Rates
  • Populaton Health & Trends
  • And more!


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