Legal, IT and Facility Considerations

The Working Clinic

The Working ClinicTM requires no special build out and fits in any 12ft X 12ft or similar space. We provide all fittings, furnishings, technology, and supplies.

Legal Factors:

  • The Working CliniccTM fully indemnifies and covers the client from medical malpractice claims as part of our contract.
  • You can have each patient sign a waiver and disclaimer stating the client has had neither role in nor responsibility for the medical services provided.
  • If desired, the contract can include provisions to officially lease the clinic space from the client, further isolating it from the client for medico-legal reasons, for a nominal rent fee.
  • Medical records are private between the clinic and each patient, and none are stored in the clinic.
  • The Working ClinicTM makes sure no sharps or medical waste are managed by client house-keeping staff.

IT Factors:

  • We install fully independent Internet connectivity and does not operate over any part of the client’s IT infrastructure.
  • All systems used by The Working ClinicTM use encrypted video and data systems on this independent Internet connection and we warrant that all are HIPAA compliant.
  • We use, and support all our own computers, printers, scanners, and telemedicine equipment and there is no support required from the client.
  • There are no servers or local storage of medical records or other confidential information in the clinic.
  • All equipment installed and configured is UL and CSA certified, and all medical equipment is FDA approved.


Facility Factors:

  • The clinic does not require any special build out. There is no need for any special power, waste water, or bathroom facilities.
  • The clinic does not require any ADA accommodations other than those required for any other workplace.
  • There are no special needs for the clinic other than building power, adequate ventilation, and a door lockable from the inside during patient examinations.
  • Some assistance may be needed to guide installation of The Working Clinic’s private Internet connectivity to the clinic room.
  • Most clients provide an in-house telephone with voicemail for the clinic so employees have easy access.
  • Any 12 ft. by 12 ft. or similar space is adequate for the clinic.
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