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More than a phone call: clinical examinations via telemedicine technologies.

A full diagnostic physical examination is done between the patient and a consulting (remote) physician, with the medic on-site to facilitate the exam. The on-site medic connects with the remote physician using two-way video conferencing and is able to do the exam using specialty medical devices. Medical devices collect (and share in real-time with the physician) information such as a vital signs, heart and lung sounds, and images from an examination camera, earn/nose/throat scope, dermascope, ultrasound probes, ECG equipment etc.

OnDemand VisitTM for employees on the go or dependents at home.OnDeman Visits

As an additional service, you may want to consider OnDemand VisitTM. Your employees (and their families) can connect to a doctor over video using the OnDemand VisitTM App, regardless of where they are located. This is especially important for those employees who travel (or are on the road) and their covered dependents, to have access to the same medical care they would have at the on-site clinic. They can easily connect using any personal mobile device or computer.

Sharing key health information, the right way.

It is critical for employees to be able to share their medical information from The Working ClinicTM with their family doctor. The Working ClinicTM includes access to a phone and tablet App that provides important Sharing healthcare informationsummary information from clinic visits such as diagnoses, medications, vital signs (like blood pressure and pulse rate), lab results, and other health indicators. Patients can view data on their phone, show the data to their regular doctor, or email themselves summaries of their data that can then be shared with their doctor.

All of the telemedicine technologies used are fully compliant with state Board of Medicine regulations, HIPAA compliant and secure and are at no additional cost to you or the employee.

Physician medical services for The Working ClinicTM are provided by NuPhysicia Health of Texas, a Certified Non-Profit Healthcare Organization (CNHO).

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