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AMD Global Telemedicine and Jenysis Global have partnered together to offer Jenysis Healthcare Solutions - rapidly deployable telehealth clinics that provide immediate access to medical care in situations such as natural disasters military zones, or remote work environments.

Jenysis Healthcare Solutions are customizable telehealth clinics built to serve patients in remote areas or in situations where setting up standard healthcare facilities is simply not possible. It is our mission to enhance the health and welfare of communities by providing a solution that is self-sustaining and not complicated.

Our modlar telehealth clincs are delivered to you fully equipped with power, water, HVAC, satellite as well as the telemedicine equipment and technology needed to address various healthcare needs, from tele-consultations and primary care to emergency and trauma care.


3 Standard Telemedicine System Configurations

The telehealth clinics are self-sustaining, mobile units designed with various telemedicine configurations. Each is equipped with our PAT Patient Assessment Terminal, and complemented by a selection of telemedicine technology and equipment based on the types of services you want to offer. Our 3 standard telemedicine configurations include:



jMU Basic

The jMU Basic unit services the needs of medical consultation, education, and communications. The PAT telemedicine system installed in this unit is designed for video consultations.



jMU Primary Care

The jMU Primary Care unit services the needs of primary care, chronic disease management, and pediatric care, just to name a few. The PAT telemedicine system that is installed in this unit is designed to allow specialist to complete a physical examination on the patient remotely, as if they were there in person.


jMU Emergency Care

The jMU Emergency Care unit services the needs of critical patients in urgent situations. This emergency care set up includes the same PAT telemedicine system as the primary care unit, but is also equipped with advanced medical equipment, enabling healthcare providers to deliver a higher level of care.

Jenysis Healthcare Solutions can also be customized to address other medical specialties that are specific to your application and patient population needs.

Self-Sustainable Infrastructure: Water, Power, HVAC, and Satellite Included:

Each of the Jenysis Healthcare Solutions are built with a completely sustainable infrastructure and are pre-configured to include water, power, and satellite. The convenience of these units being so modular is that they provide healthcare providers with a one-stop-shop for their healthcare needs, are customizable and can be deployed in under 15 minutes!


Ready to Use
When your clinic is delivered, it is completely equipped and ready to use.
Units are modular and expandable to accommodate a variety of needs.
Clinics are made from steel shipping containers and are built with the life expectancy of 30+ years. Built to specification, our units withstand extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, harsh terrain and security threats.
Climate Controlled
The extremely well built structure with R-19 insulation combined with a super energy efficient 9000 BTU 23 SEER D/C inverted heat pump creates a cost effective, temperature-controlled work area even when the temperature outside is extremely hot or cold.
Infection Control Compliant
Armstrong medical Grade Seamless vinyl flooring with flash coving, Medical Grade Cabinets, Parkland Plastic NRP-FR walls and ceilings and recessed electrical outlets meet and exceed EU and U.S. health code standards and can be cleaned with all bacteriocidal, fungicidal and virucidal solutions.
Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient
We use recycled shipping containers and materials to build our clinics. Our medical equipment, LED lighting and inverted heat-pump air-conditioners are all rated Green Technology. Utilizing the sun as our renewable energy source, our solar system can provide clean and reliable electricity 24 hours a day and operates on less than 500 watts of electricity..
Wet Weather System
All models presented include features to protect against rain and condensation, humidity, mold, mildew and rot; closed cell foam insulation is used as vapor/water barrier to minimize weather effects in tropical environments, and all units have a high/low natural ventilation system.


The Jenysis Healthcare Solutions team has more than 20 years experience in more than 200 locations providing custom facility solutions to users including emergency and disaster relief organizations, all branches of the military, commercial development, oil and mining camps, and humanitarian aid domestically and abroad. Find out more about Jenysis Global.


Order Quote
Call: 1-877-JENYSIS (1-877-536-9747)


Jenysis Healthcare Solutions Datasheet (pdf)

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