Telemedicine Education Webinars

The following webinars have been organized by AMD Global Telemedicine to help educate the healthcare community on the benefits of using telemedicine in different applications and how to go about getting started with your telemedicine program.


Telemedicine Best Practices in Response to COVID-19

Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST

Telemedicine and telehealth are no longer “nice to have”, but in contrast is now a “must have” capability in order to keep patients and healthcare workers safe and avoid brining a healthcare organization to its knees. Attend this online interview session with Dr. Presaud, Chief, Division of Allergy at BronxCare Health System. to get practical next steps on how to quickly get your telemedicine and telehealth capabilities up and running, > More information

Securing Funding for Telemedicine: a guide to the RUS/DLT grant process

Archived webinar March 2020

RUS-DLT Telemedicine grants

USDA RUS has released an unprecedented amount of funding in 2020 to support new or developed telemedicine programs. Warched this archived webinar recrording to learn more about grant criteria updates for 2020 , RUS telemedicine funding tips, and best practices to submit a successful application. During this webinar, telemedicine applications will be provided to help you develop your project vision. > Watch archived weinbar > View presentation slides


Security Measures for Enterprise Telehealth: HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

Archived webinar June 2019

security measures for telehealth

As telehealth continues to grow, patient health information will be increasingly transmitted. This means patient data will be seen and accessed in more places than ever before.. A critical component of your telehealth program is understanding what certifications your telehealth platform should have, steps that should be taken for HIPAA/HITECH risk mitigation, and what general common-sense security and privacy policies are in place to reduce your organization’s risk. So with this change, this webinar is intended to help you continue to protect your patient’s healthcare information as you increase your service offerings through telehealth. > Watch archived recording > View presentation slides

Reducing Hospitalizations and 30-Day Readmissions for Post-Acute Care Patients

Archived webinar November 2018

As value-based care increases, developing different delivery models to reduce unnecessary 30-day hospital readmissions and length of stay is a key challenge for any healthcare organizations globally. By the use of telehealth, rural long-term care facilities and acute care facilities have avoided 88% of re-admissions.

Hear from TeleHealth Solution, Glenbridge Health and Rehabilitation, and Watuga Medical Center (part of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System), how telemedicine is allowing them to treat more patients in place, avoiding unnecessary hospital transfers and drastically reducing their re-admissions rates. > Watch archived recording > View presentation slides

Making a Difference in Opioid Addiction Treatment: A Telemedicine Success Story

Archived webinar November 2018

During this webinar, learn from the experiences of Evergreen Treatment Services, a nonprofit organization delivering evidence-based substance use disorder and social services. Find out how Evergreen Treatment Services is able to treat 60 more addiction patients a week, that without telehealth they would not be able to provide consistent treatment for. Since 2015, they have been leveraging telemedicine to administer ongoing Suboxone prescriptions and mentor their patient’s along their treatment path. We will also discuss the landscape of the regulatory policies around the virtual prescribing of scheduled medication. > Watch archived recording > View presentation slides


Telehealth Funding & Looking Forward: How to Find Available Telehealth Funds & Opportunities for Growth

Archived webinar October 2018


A lot of change has transpired over the past 6 months in the telemedicine and telehealth space and so much more is on the horizon! AMD invites you to join us for this fast track webinar that will help you find funding for your telemedicine program and identify new opportunities for growth. > Watch archived recording > View presentation slides


Developing Telemedicine Partnerships for Rural Healthcare

Archived webinar February 2018

This webinar features Morgan Waller from Children's Mercy Kansas City, who provides insights on how rural healthcare providers can partner with larger centers of excellence to deliver specialty care through telemedicine. To help move you forward with putting together your telemedicine plan, Ron Emerson from AMD Global Telemedicine also reviews the key factors that need to be addressed when putting your strategic plan together. > Watch archived recording > View presentation slides


Diving Into Telemedicine with Adventist Health

Archived webinar: July 2017

This webinar will discuss the various ways telemedicine is being used globally to improve rural healthcare and the advantages of using interoperable technologies. Adventist Health will dive into their specific use case of how they are currently using telemedicine today in 22 sites throughout rural Californian communities. > Watch archived recording > View the presentation slides

Telemedicine is Revolutionizing Pediatric Care in Rural Communities

Archived Webinar, January 2017

Understand how community hospitals can leverage telemedicine to improve the quality of their pediatric care, strengthen subspecialty offerings, facilitate cost savings and improve the financial bottom line for bother referring and consulting facilities. Plus find out what is involved in setting up a school-based telemedicine program and understand how it improves a rural hospital's service offerings and substantially impacts student's health. > Watch archived recording > View the presentation slides

12 Steps to Building a Telemedicine Program for Rural Hospitals

Archived Webinar, August 2016

This webinar is aimed to help rural healthcare providers understand the full potential and impact telemedicine makes at a rural facility and how to get started with telemedicine with a 12 step program. > Watch archived recording > View the presentation slides



La Telemedicina en la Gestión del Conocimiento y sus aplicaciones en contextos clínico-universitarios

(Completamente en Español)

Junio 2016

Los temas seran los siguientes:

Integración curricular de la Telemedicina basada en Gestión del Conocimiento
Experiencias de Telemedicina aplicadas en contextos clínico-universitarios. > Diapositivas de seminario

Understanding Clinical Telemedicine for Rural Applications

Archived Webinar, March 2016

This webinar is aimed to help rural healthcare providers that want to get a clearer depiction of what clinical telemedicine encounters are, the benefits they provide to both patients and providers and specific examples of how it is used to deliver mainstream care to rural and under-served populations. > Watch the archived recording

Estado actual de la Telemedicina en América Latina

(Completamente en Español)

febrero 2016, la grabación seminario

Este seminario web se centra en la situación actual de la telemedicina en Latinoamérica, comenzado con una exposición detallada de la situación en México, uno de los países pioneros en el desarrollo de la telemedicina. > la grabación seminario


Telemedicine to the Rescue for Rural Hospitals

Archived Webinar, December 2015

NRHAs SC has asked NRHA Partners to support the needs of rural hospitals during the current rural healthcare climate. In response AMD Global Telemedicine will highlight success in ways hospitals (large and small) can come together to leverage telemedicine technology in order to keep rural hospitals thriving and getting patients the care they need. > Watch the archived recording..

Mobile Telemedicine Applications: A Customer Case Study and Reimbursement Updates to Keep Patients from Falling Through the Cracks

Archived Webinar, October 2015

Learn how University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic is leveraging software-based telemedicine technologies along with AMD Global Telemedicine’s Portable TeleClinic, to serve more patients while improving patient access and outcomes. Then we’ll look at reimbursement status including the latest CMS codes.
>Watch the archived recording

Telemedicine for Rural and Critical Access Hospitals:

Archived Webinar, April 2015

As we face rural hospital closures, physician shortages and many other rural healthcare issues, it is critical for US rural hospitals, small community clinics and critical access hospitals to embrace technologies such as telemedicine. Telemedicine has proven to help increase access to specialty care for rural patients -watch this webinar to learn more from Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center and Carle Foundation Hospital.
> Watch the archived recording of the webinar

Telemedicine Reduces Unnecessary Transfers for Rural Long Term Care Residents
Archived Webinar, September 2014

The current status of CMS reimbursement and the changes that are coming have a big impact on the delivery of healthcare in long term care facilities. AMD Global Telemedicine invites you to learn how Avera Health and  the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society successfully used telemedicine to reduce medically unnecessary transfers and hospitalizations for long-term care residents by providing medical treatment in-house. Listen to the archived webinar for details.

Telemedicine in Rural Communities:
An Innovative Approach to Delivering Healthcare
Archived Webinar, August 2014

AMD Global Telemedicine, MY Health-e-Schools and The Children's Partnership delivered this webinar to National Rural Health Association members on the topic of School-Based Telemedicine for Rural Communities. Listen to the archived webinar for details..


Telemedicine Funding & Sustainability
Archived Webinar, April 2014

AMD Global Telemedicine, Kentucky Telecare and Denison & Associates came together to help you learn how to cut through all the confusing "noise" of what funding is available, the application process, and proving your telemedicine program value. Listen to the archived webinar for details.

School-Based Telemedicine
Archived Webinar, November 2013

Listen to the archived webinar to hear first hand from MY Health-e-Schools about how they started their program, lessons learned along the way and how they have managed to sustain success. In addition, hear from the Children's Partnership about school-based telemedicine programs from across the country, lessons learned and the benefits of school-based telemedicine.


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