Telemedicine Funding & Sustainability
Archived Webinar:

Learn How to Build a Value Proposition for Your Program
and What's Involved with the Grant Process

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Are you looking for funding for your telemedicine program, but don't know where to start or how to build your value proposition for success? Or perhaps you have already gone through this process, but need to maintain sustainability. These are all common concerns and challenges when trying to build a successful telemedicine program.

AMD Global Telemedicine, Kentucky Telecare and Denison & Associates came together to help you learn how to cut through all the confusing "noise" of what funding is available, the application process, and proving your telemedicine program value.

Topics Covered:

Building Your Value Proposition: (Rob Sprang, MBA)
- How to position a telemedicine program that will build a value proposition;
- Developing a sustainability plan: what happens when initial funding runs out?

Overview of Grant Funding: (Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA)
- Grant funds that are available for telemedicine programs;
- Key components in the grant application process;
- Common reasons why funding proposals fail

Featured Presenters:

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Rob Sprang, MBA
Director of Kentucky TeleCare at the University of Kentucky and Co-Project Manager, Kentucky TeleHealth Network

Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA
President & Senior Consultant,
Cathy Denison, PhD & Associates Professional Services, Inc.

Telemedicine funding resources that we recommended during the webinar: