Keys To A Successful Telemedicine Program

AMD Global Telemedicine was commissioned to identify and review the key success factors in telemedicine programs to attempt to define the key determiners of success or failure. AMD reviewed approximately 20 telemedicine programs in 3 countries. We identified 10 steps that drove success and presented our findings at the American Telemedicine Association International Conference and were asked to again present these findings at the Polar Telemedicine conference and for the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth.

Here are the 10 steps we identified:

  1. Establish a Vision
  2. Building a Long Term Financial Plan
  3. Create a Convenient and Effective Work Environment
  4. Mainstream Telemedicine into the Standard Care Process
  5. Plan and Assure Effective Training
  6. Make Sure You Have a Full Time Coordinator(s) and an Effective Leader and Cheerleader
  7. A Project Plan = Manageable Milestones = Reasonable Expectations
  8. Horizontal Versus Vertical Implementation
  9. Good Marketing is Critical
  10. Publish or Perish?

Read the full article and presentation of our research here: The Success Factors of Telemedicine.

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