Private Payer Reimbursement Information Directory

State Legislation

The following states have passed legislation mandating private payer reimbursement of telemedicine services:

  • Louisiana SB 773 (1995)
  • California SB 1665 (1996)
  • Oklahoma SB 48 (1997)
  • Texas HB 2033 (1997)
  • Kentucky HB 177 (2000)

Samples of telemedicine reimbursement legislation


The act prohibits health insurers from requiring face-to-face contact between a health care provider and patient for services appropriately provided through telemedicine, subject to the terms of contract.


Prohibits Medicaid and private insurers from excluding services from coverage solely because the subject was provided through telehealth. 


Provides that health care plans cannot deny coverage for health care services provided through audio, video or data communications.  This would allow, for example, compensation for patient consultations, diagnoses, and the transfer of medical data through telecommunications technology.  The measure excludes telephone and facsimile communications from the term telemedicine.


Prohibits certain health benefit plans from excluding a medical service solely because the service is provided through telemedicine.  Telemedicine services may be subject to deductible, copayment and coinsurance requirements not to exceed requirements for the same face-to-face services.