Telemedicine Technology

The evolution of innovative technologies has changed the way we can practice telemedicine.

When considering the right technologies for your telemedicine program, it is important to make sure your choice will easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and is scalable for potential future applications. The right systems architecture and open systems approach can lead to a nationwide, telemedicine deployment at the fraction of the cost, effort and time compared to second generation (in-band) telemedicine.

Live content sharing is NOT real-time telemedicine

As telemedicine technologies have evolved, it is no longer good enough for many medical situations to be able to “capture and share” patient information. The true benefit of a clinical telemedicine encounter is being able to accurately deliver real-time patient information between the exam site and remote provider. The use of older telemedicine technologies, such as in-band telemedicine, has its limitations for today's’ clinical requirements and is more costly than new architecture technologies.

Clinical telemedicine applications in today's healthcare environment typically use one of two methods to transmit images, data and sound -either "live", real-time transmission or store and forward transmission. While either technology choice may be sufficient for your practice, there are many benefits that real-time telemedicine offers over store-and-forward platforms or "content sharing" applications.

Connected medical device technology

Regardless of the transmission method, connect medical devices are a critical component of clinical telemedicine examination. Medical devices that are reliable to work every time, are easy to use and have seamless integration into your existing clinical workflow, have the most success.

AMD Global Telemedicine will walk you through the process of figuring out what telemedicine technologies are the right fit for your specific needs. Our product and technologies were developed specifically for telemedicine applications and are seamless to integrate into general healthcare practices.

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